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PC Specialist Customer Information

(as of June 1st, 2019; "I" and "my" refer to the customer)


(Critical Note: Those of you with servers, it is imperative that you check your server daily for error messages or other anomalies. Please make certain your computers are physically secure, meaning they are either bolted to the floor, secured in a safe, locked room, or in some other way made impossible to run off with, and that all external drives and removable media are similarly secured. Please make certain your data backups are up to date, and that the backups can reliably be restored. It is impossible for me to constantly monitor all of my clients, so be advised that it is your responsibility to ensure these requirements are fulfilled.)

As a customer of PC Specialist, I understand that any time a computer is turned on or the case opened there is a possibility of data loss, and that it is the customer’s responsibility to maintain a current and reliable backup of all important data; and that it is the customer’s responsibility to insure that they have legal access to all programs that may need to be re-installed and that the installation of these programs is in accordance with the manufacturer’s licensing agreements. I further understand that Elliot Namay cannot be held responsible for any data loss resulting from required actions taken on his part.


Regrettably, sometimes scheduled appointments must be rescheduled to accommodate emergencies. Priority must be given first to existing clients over new customers; systems provided by PC Specialist, Inc. over other manufacturer’s systems; non-functional businesses over inconvenienced businesses or residences. Thank you for your understanding.


As a customer of PC Specialist, I understand that the current charge is $110.00 per hour – with a 1 hour minimum charge ($150.00 per hour after hours and emergency rush appointments;$200.00 per hour after 8:00p.m. M-F, and weekends and holidays), which may be raised at any time, and that charges may be due at the time services are rendered, payable by cash or check only. I further understand that these charges are for Elliot Namay’s knowledge, experience and expertise, and will be incurred whether that time is spent in consultation, actual technological service, or travel to and from the job site. I further understand that non-warranty technical support conducted over the telephone or by remote access will be charged in 15 minute increments at the same rate, as will consultation with other suppliers or support personnel on behalf of the customer. I further understand that all hardware items must be paid for, at Elliot Namay’s discretion, either when the order is placed or immediately upon receipt, and that interest will be charged on any balance not paid within thirty days unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed upon.


As a customer of PC Specialist, I understand that all warranties cover system hardware only (only components within the computer case itself) and that time involved in replacing warrantied components will be charged at the current on-site rate. Computers not built by PC Specialist, monitors, printers, and other external peripherals are covered under the individual manufacturer’s warranty only. Software problems are the responsibility of the software manufacturers, and are not covered under warranty. I further understand that all technological equipment suffers from the possibility of failure, and even though Elliot Namay provides the highest quality appropriate equipment, the possibility still exists that it may fail. I further understand that even though every attempt will be made to replace defective equipment as soon as possible, delays sometimes are inevitable, and that Elliot Namay will not be held responsible for lost time or productivity due to such failures or delays.

System Installation

As a customer of PC Specialist, I understand that equipment delivery, configuration, instruction, data transfer, Internet connection, and peripheral connection will be charged at the current on-site rate.

Finance Charges

As a customer of PC Specialist, I understand that I am responsible for a finance charge on any unpaid balance beginning on the original invoice date and charged for every day past 30 days from invoice date.


Returns on systems will only be accepted within the first 7 days after installation. Special order items are not returnable.

~ Final Word From Elliot ~

Computers and associated technologies can be wonderful tools, but also can be extremely frustrating.

I don’t create the problems – I fix them. No misplaced aggression, please...