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Eli's Dance

Eli's Dance

As a founding member in 1981 of Windjammer, one of Charleston/ Huntington’s favorite bands, ElliotElliot & Eli Namay was for many years one of the area’s most recognized keyboardists. But, after injuries from an automobile accident in 1990 forced an end to his live stage performances, Elliot shifted his musical focus to the creation of his own compositions. By 1995, Elliot recovered enough from his injuries to begin performing with Windjammer once again, and to record the music he had written.

"Eli’s Dance," Elliot’s first self-titled CD, is the result.

Gina & Eli"Eli’s Dance" is a truly home-grown family affair. All music was written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Elliot over the past several years at his modest home-studio in Charleston. Joining Elliot on the recording are his wife Gina, whose inspired lyrics and beautifully captivating voice grace all of the vocal songs on the CD; and cousin Michael Corey, whose powerful guitar leads provide the raw analog energy to balance Elliot’s digital keyboards.

The music on the nearly hour long CD, which ranges from high energy fusion to pensive ballads, isMike & Eli infused with heavy Latin rhythms and subtly flavored by the three musicians’ Middle Eastern heritage. This truly unique collection was conceived as a loving musical legacy for Elliot and Gina’s son, Eli, who is also Michael’s Godson. These musicians are as close personally and artistically as any three people can be, and their intimacy is evident in the music.

Back CoverOur desire is that our faith, love, and hope for the future is clearly felt and understood through this music, and that it brings enjoyment to all who experience it.

Elliot M. Namay, Jr., Gina Risk Namay, Michael Anthony Corey

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