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Eli's Dance CoverDedication

"Eli's Dance" was created 20 minutes here and 20 minutes there in the middle of my dining room over several years.

"Eli's Dance" is dedicated to my son Eli and my wife Gina, both of whom are my life; and to my mother, Sue Namay, who overcame much that would have daunted most people, to raise her children to value what is truly important.

This project is also dedicated to my mother-in-law, Catherine Zakaib Ioannou, who we miss more than we can say. 

The last song of the collection, "Yvonne," was written for Yvonne Lambrechts Orlandi, who was lost to her family and friends much too soon.

My deepest thanks to God for the gifts of music, family and friends; for Gina and Mike who fall into all three of these categories; and for the certainty that all things work out the way they are supposed to, and that we'll understand it all once "the curtain is drawn."


All music written, performed, recorded, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Elliot Namay, except:

  • Gina Namay - Vocals; Lyrics on To You I Run, Eli’s Dance, Breeze, Know How and Kite Man.
  • Michael Corey - Guitar



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