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A Personal Introduction:

Back in the 1980s, I had two great artistic and vocational passions: music and photography. At one point, I was offered a combination of scholarships and grants to two photography schools -- Rochester Institute of Technology in New York and Brooks Institute in California -- that forced me to make the painful choice between music and photography as the primary focus of my concentration.

As I am primarily a pretty OCD all-or-nothing kind of guy, I chose to devote my academic life to the study of photography, and demoted my music to a minor hobby. I also chose RIT over Brooks because at the time it was considered by most the premier center of photographic study in the country, and had a very close relationship with Kodak.

After studying for just a short time in New York, the political winds in the U.S. shifted, education funding was cut drastically, and I lost 40% of my grants, which forced me out of school, back to Charleston, and into a limbo as to what to do.

I sold my darkroom equipment, sold the bulk of my camera equipment, and went back to playing music: In Charleston while I studied Electronic Engineering; in Blacksburg, Va. upon my return to school at Virginia Tech where I graduated in Technical Education; and again back in Charleston, where I worked as a teacher and performed with Windjammer, a band I co-founded way back in 1981; and composed and recorded my original music.

The CD "Eli's Dance" featured on this site is the last recording I did before giving up music in 1999 to focus on building PC Specialist, Inc. to a point where I could send my very talented (God Bless him) son, Eli, to college without his having to struggle through as I did. The videos and links to Eli's musical endeavors are a testament to how happy I am that I made that choice.

I hope you enjoy.

Jake the Cat
"Jake the Cat with Headphones"
by Eli Namay at 9 Years Old

"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?...