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"A pleasant surprise from this Charleston songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, who's crafted a disc full of sophisticated, tasteful pop/jazz/R&B that benefits from slick production and assists from wife Gina (onElliot & Eli vocals) and Michael Corey (on guitar). The sweeping lead cut, To You I Run," and the more introspective "Know How" would sound perfectly at home on any "smooth jazz" radio station, but the other eight keyboard-based tracks here nearly match that pair for melodic invention and airplay suitability. The only thing that occasionally mars the effort is overbusy drum programming, but that's a minor complaint. Anyone who likes the ear-friendly concoctions of bands like the Rippingtons and Spyro Gyra will find this disc a treat." 
(from Graffiti, Vol. II, No. 3; March, 2000; )

Mike & Eli...With the exception of Michael Corey's supple guitar work, these are keyboard and percussion driven arrangements. Namay - who used to perform locally with the group Windjammer - is a gifted musician who writes and performs all the music. These tunes have a breezy, summer afternoon feel..., but sometimes, as on the vibrant, densly textured "Ozone Blues, " effervesces into something more forceful.Gina & Eli
The record also features vocals by Gina Namay, whose pleasant, airy voice floats with ease and grace over the music.
...Namay's music has an easygoing charm, and the recording sounds remarkably clean and clear for a self-produced effort.
(from The Charleston Gazette, Thursday, March 2, 2000 )

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"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?...