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September, 1997: On the media coverage of Lebanon and Israel

October, 1998: On the contrast between reactions to Clinton and Reagan wrongdoings

December, 1998: A short letter to Senators Byrd and Rockefeller regarding the Clinton impeachment

September, 1999: Concerning Gov. Underwood's plan to cut trees at the Holly Mansion

September, 2000: On Rush Limbaugh's views of human worth

October, 2000: On the Republican effect on the environment

October, 2000: On George W. Bush's invocation of the Name of Jesus

June, 2001: On the ugly use of Arab caricatures in editorial cartoons

September, 2001: On the persecution of Katie Sierra for her political beliefs

December, 2001: On the usurpation of Christmas for patriotic gain

March, 2002: On the massacres in Jenin and Balata refugee camps

April, 2002: On a Public Radio interview with Elie Wiesel

August, 2002: On public support for the Iraqi war

September, 2002: On the silencing of dissenting views

October, 2002: On the bullying policies in the public schools

February, 2003: On George W. Bush's hypocrisy at a "Prayer Breakfast"

March, 2003: On the hypocrisy of the "Christian" Right concerning the war in Iraq

September, 2003: On the fiasco that is the U.S. healthcare system

December, 2003: Iraq and the breeding of "terrorists"

January, 2004: On the frightening policies of the Bush administration concerning Mercury emissions

February, 2004: On Rush Limbaugh laughing at modern day slavery in the U.S.

April, 2004: On the misuse of the message in "The Passion of the Christ"

May, 2004: Response to an outrageous right-wing letter in the Charleston Gazette

December, 2005: Rush Limbaugh on Torture

March, 2006: South Dakota's Anti-Choice Law and War Supporters

July, 2006: Urging Rep. Capito to support the anti-torture bill

July, 2006: On the causes of Israel's invasion of Lebanon

August, 2006: "Israel: Product of Prophesy or History?" by Fr. Olof Scott, St. George Orthodox Cathedral of Charleston, WV

April, 2007: Response to Shelley's response regarding her vote against the emergency funding bill

Yet another 2007 letter to Shelley

2007 Newspaper letter re: the torture of Marer Arar

2007: To a right wing supporter of the torture of Maher Arar

Yet another email to Shelley re: support of a 2006 compromise torture bill

2007: Regarding Republican connections to forced prostitution in the North Mariana Islands

2007: To Shelley Capitol re: healthcare options for a friend who sufferred a sudden stroke

2007: My exchange with radio host Hoppy Kerchival re: Israelis and Palestinians

09/18/2007: Short statement re: racism and Jena, LA arrests

10/21/2007: To WCHS Radio for insulting those of us who object to the Iraq war

10/21/2007: Re: Possibility of draft for Iraq war

12/02/207: Re: The author of "The Golden Compass" and his evangelical atheism

01/01/2008: Rebuttal of rebuttal re: "The Golden Compass"

06/11/2008: In support of Anne Barth over Shelley Moore Capito

08/12/2008: Re: Bush naval blockade of Iran

07/13/2009: Re: Perry Mann's blanket condemnation and ridicule of faith

07/24/2009: Re: Lou Dobbs' "Birtherism"

08/07/2009: The simple solution to all of our healthcare woes

08/08/2009: Re: Charleston Daily Mail "Death Panel" cartoon


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