Elliot M. Namay, Jr.
PC Specialist, Inc.

One of the most experienced, trusted and complete
PC hardware, software, and network services providers
in Charleston and surrounding areas since 1992.
Now offering photo restoration and digital imaging of books and other printed materials.
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PLEASE DO NOT throw your old electronic equipment in the trash. Everything from your electric toothbrush to your hard drive and LCD monitor is full of lead, cadmium, mercury, and other toxic metals.

Locally (Charleston, WV and surrounding areas), Goodwill on Virginia Street on Charleston's West Side recycles all computers, peripherals and components. Goodwill also earns money through this recycling, so, not only are you being environmentally responsible, you also are supporting the good works of Goodwill Industries.

Also locally, Staples at Southridge or Batteries Plus in cross Lanes will recycle computers, monitors, printers, UPSs, and other peripherals either for free or for a very modest charge. Do Not Recycle Computers or Hard Drives Without Ensuring All of your Data is Destroyed! If you would like me to remove your hard drive, destroy your data, and recycle your equipment, I charge one half hour labor, plus any recycling fee. Please feel free to contact me to schedule time.

Hewlett Packard also recycles all electronics and ink cartridges. Contact them by clicking here.

Please contact these other recyclers directly for larger recycling needs or with additional questions:



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