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Welcome to the home of PC Specialist, Inc.!

Please, come in...

This web site was designed for the purpose of teaching myself DreamWeaver so that I could teach it to a client. Please excuse any oddities, irregularites or incomplete pages.

Please come in and look around. The links to the left will provide you with information about Elliot Namay and PC Specialist, Inc.

Please make sure to read the Customer Agreement so you will understand charges and billing practices, so you will know what to expect from Elliot, and so you will understand what is expected of you in order for you to stay safe and secure as a computer owner.

The Instructions page contains links to backup, security, hosting and other sites and documents. This section probably will change frequently, so you should check back to stay up to date.

Visit the Links page for links and contact info for just a few of my clients, many of whom have been with me 20 years, or longer. (If you do not see a link to your contact info, and you would like it to appear here, please contact me and I will happily include it.)

The Installations page will display photos of various installations.

Please click the heading at the top of the page to send an email to elliot@enamay.com.

Thanks. Come back often. Please be patient, as this site is currently under constrction.


Jake the Cat
"Jake the Cat with Headphones"
by Eli Namay at 9 Years Old

"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?..."